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suddle. - Lady Killer suddle. - Lady Killer

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I gotta say that was pretty funny, but I think you went a little too far. I hope this is satire and your not writing about true life experiences.

So far so Dub So far so Dub

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Don't know much about dubstep, but I like this. From what I understand dubstep is a little chaotic. I think your piece is little to melodic, but I like it.

Juresic responds:

the world of dubstep varies waaaaayy too much.
drumstep is actually more of what this is.... or, so I'm told.

And... i was never a fan of overchaotic non melodic dubstep, Flux pavillion is one of my favorite artists, and they're for the majority all melodic.

Invasion Invasion

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Grandmas hearing aid exploded! gotta watch the levels, make sure they don't go in the red. I don't know what software you use but for now I guess you could manage the individual track volume levels.

[Fets] Nailindacoffin [Fets] Nailindacoffin

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Add a break

I think this is a cool track. To me it feels ominous and sinister. I really like what you have here. However, I think it's too long winded. You might want to add a section break. I'm assuming that this was written to have a vocal track over it, but I still think it's a little too repetitive. Add a break for some variation and might have a more interesting track. Cool track and thanks for sharing.

Nofets responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Ill try to make stuff with different movements in the future. Most of the stuff is meant for vocals, and too much variation sometimes conflicts with the artist. I think most people already have it in their mind that these are finished products ready for a flash movie or something, but that's not always the case. It's not that I'm not capable of making something more complex, its just not what I have in mind.

-Rt- Hollow -Rt- Hollow

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Expand it

Very powerful. You should expand it. Cool track and thanks for sharing.

Harmony 11:11_ Harmony 11:11_

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Really dig the overall sound. It has a good ambiance. I imagine this is what regret would sound like. Very haunting. Nice work and thanks for sharing.

Boux responds:

Thanks much man!!! if you like haunting stuff you should have a listen at my song 'Freefall to Europa' if you like.

Bleeding Air Bleeding Air

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Cool tune

I really like the melody. The thing you could work on is how you arranged the pitch of the notes on the second melodic part, in the forth measure of that riff some of the notes in the last two chords sound like their too low in pitch. Also the break doesn't sound like it fits, I done the same thing where you just throw a break in because the rest sounds too repetitive. I like that song sounds airy, and weather the fuzz was intentional or not, it kind of fits. Cool sounding tune and thanks for sharing.

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Gorgorothx responds:

haha yes it does sound airy ;)

Andromeda .:SB:. Andromeda .:SB:.

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Kinda epic

The first 140 seconds sounds like the ocean and water. The opening 50 seconds, I picture a scene on a beach, which continues to an underwater scene until the 140 mark. The remainder of the track is a little more emotional than atmospheric, possibly a love scene or ending of a romance. I think the reason why the latter part is more emotional is because you're using a chord progression associated with break up songs. As soon as I heard that part I thought of "Angel Baby" written by Rosie Hamlin. Many other songs from the late 50s and early 60s use the same descending pattern, some examples being "Sunday Kind of Love" and "Earth Angel". I really like how you arranged the back half. However, ending on the G note makes feel interrupted, obviously there would be more of a resolution if you ended on the C. I don't know if you wanted to do that, but it disrupts for flow. Anyway, in conclusion really nice work. I look forward to hearing more, happy music making and thanks for sharing.

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Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks Viper, your critiques are always so insightful and smart. Cheers to you!!

Melancholy Suite Melancholy Suite

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Very orginal

This is maybe the first piece of industrial type electric music I have heard that I enjoyed. It's nice hear that you used more of a traditional structure for your song. Listening to some of your other work, it's clear you have a talent for atmospheric and ambient type music. I think that this song is a nice blending of your style while at the same time having a mainstream sound. Some thing's I think could be better for your next song are more experimentation with the percussion voices and a more climactic ending. I really like this tune, I think it's original and innovative. It makes me want to hear your take on a what a dance song would sound like or an emotional ballad. Really exceptional work and thanks for sharing.

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Gorgorothx responds:

No, thank you! It's always a pleasure, Viper.

Olent Focal Olent Focal

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It hurts kinda good

The major issue for me was the cracking voice, it kinda hurt my ears. However, I like what you have, the chord progression was good and I like your voice selections. Really though, the crackling sound did hurt. I don't use or know to use FL but figure out how to get rid of the crackling and you'll have a really good tune. Nice work and thanks for sharing.

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pianotamer responds:

Thanks for the input! Ya, I'm new with advanced effects, and the dumb crackle is coming from the reverb for some reason... I'll remove that for the final release. :)